Krishna Valley

Indian Cultural Centre and Eco Farm

India’s Gateway in the Heart of Europe

Krishna Valley Indian Cultural Centre and Eco Farm in Hungary is one of the largest and oldest ecovillages in Europe. It is a member of the Global Ecovillage Network of Europe, and its research institute has an observer status in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Krishna Valley representatives cooperate and share their experiences with a wide range of inter- national organizations, including universities and higher educational institutions.

The 280-hectare farm was established in 1993, with the purpose of educating people about the values of ancient Vaishnava culture, self-sufficiency, organic farming, cow- protection, vegetarianism, and natural, God-centered lifestyle. The center of the community consisting of 150 monks and families is the Radha-Syamsundara temple, surrounded by agricultural lands, a goshala with sixty cows and oxen, a botanic garden, homes, a school, a guesthouse, a pure vegetarian restaurant and other guest facilities.


Evoking the birthplace of Lord Krishna, Vrindavan, India, Krishna Valley attracts thousands of Indians and other na- tionalities from all of the world to remember Lord Vishnu, to worship Him with arati, bhajan, and to chant His Holy Names.

Out of Krishna Valley’s annual 30 000 visitors, 10 000 are pilgrims and the rest are tourists who are interested in ancient Indian culture, organic farming or healthy living. Krishna Valley is also a favoured destination of academics, students and researchers as well as businessmen looking for a refreshing change.

One of Krishna Valley’s most popular programs is the 3-day Krishna Valley Fair, which, with its spectacular cultural performances, workshops and educational presentations attracts about 8 000 people each year.

Krishna Valley’s popularity lies in people’s increasing interest in India’s timeless treasures: its ancient wisdom, cuisine, music, yoga or ayurveda. This project is considered to be a Western gate to India, inspiring people to visit there in immerse its wonderful culture.

Festivals in 2019

May 25
Festival of dance

June 9
Henna and Indian beauty Day

July 19-21
Krishna Valley Fair

August 10
Day of vegetarian gastronomy

October 26
Day of flowers

all over the year!

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Krishna Valley Guesthouses
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